Money to help others

Strengthen yourself spiritually first

July 3rd 2024
Young people sometimes tell me about their plans to choose a job that will bring in a lot of money because, they add, this will allow them to help others. Do you imagine that I am impressed by their words? Well no, not at all, for I can always see something highly personal lurking behind these seemingly generous intentions.
Those who speak in this way do not know what they are getting caught up in, and once they have taken that first step, their whole being will gradually be drawn in. When earning a lot of money starts to be your goal, be aware that you are burrowing down into matter and that one day you will be so engulfed by it, not only will you soon forget that you wanted to help others, but you will become selfish and hard as well. Yes, we are full of good intentions, but matter is a trap for the children of God. ‘So what should we do?’ you will ask. ‘Must we give up on achieving material success?’ No, but first you should spend years strengthening yourself spiritually; only then can you seek material success without fear of losing your way.*
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