Measure in all things

Even the measure of goodness

August 11th 2024
It is vital to know how to gauge the measure in all things. Yes, even the measure of goodness, because if you know no bounds, you will inevitably suffer the consequences. Lack of moderation is neither bad nor a crime, but it is a fault, and all faults carry a penalty.
Let me give you an example. A young woman came to see me and said, ‘Oh Master, I am so unhappy. I can’t stop crying.’
‘But why? What has happened?’
‘Well, I loved my husband so dearly, I did everything for him, I anticipated all his wishes and always showed him a great deal of affection and warmth, and now he has left me and gone off with one of my friends.’
‘Ah, and what is this friend like?’
‘Oh, she’s selfish and cold.’
‘Well, that is just the trouble; you are too warm, he has gone to cool down.’
I can already hear you say, ‘So goodness is useless?’ Unfortunately, stupid goodness can lead someone into the worst of situations. Even the most marvellous people get hit on the head if they know no bounds. It is not a punishment, no, but through their ignorance, they have set a law in motion, and they receive a few knocks.*
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