Based on the science of cause and consequence

August 20th 2024
It is said that the Church and the clergy invented morals in order to dominate and exploit the credulous and ignorant populace. Certainly, in many cases, the clergy used religion in the zealous service of totally shameful purposes.
However, true religion, true morals, are based on a science, the science of cause and consequence, and not on some personal interest. Every thought, every feeling, every action has positive and negative consequences for humans. Where the clergy went wrong was that they did not try to explain the rules they imposed. People were told: ‘Do this… do that…’ as if they were children who are told to obey, without any explanation. That is why, like children, they disobeyed at the first opportunity. Whereas for their proper evolution, people should have been informed that true religion, like true morality, is based on a knowledge of the great cosmic laws.*
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