First get rid of your negative states

September 3rd 2024
Because of your selfish, malicious, vindictive thoughts and feelings, your astral and mental bodies have become so opaque that you can no longer communicate with the realities and beings of the spiritual world. You want to meditate, but as you are unable to rid yourself of your prosaic cares and worries, of your resentment and irritation, of the weight of old memories, you cannot elevate yourselves.
However long you sit still with your eyes closed, waiting for that movement that will enable your soul to leap up to the light, nothing happens. In such circumstances, it is virtually pointless to try and meditate, for you will achieve nothing. Your inner instruments cannot function because they are clogged. And this will be the case until you have understood that the most important work in life is to strip away all that encumbers your inner life. Of course, this is difficult, but you will never get anywhere until you have at least begun this work.*
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