People with responsibilities must raise themselves up to a higher viewpoint

September 16th 2024
All those who have family, social, professional or political responsibilities must strive to reach the highest viewpoint within themselves from which they can control all aspects of the problems they have to resolve. In this way, their decisions will be the fairest for everyone involved. You will say, ‘Even if their decisions are fair, they may not be accepted. Most people care only about defending their own selfish interests. It is not easy to get them to consider other people’s welfare.’ That is true, but even if some people reject your sound analysis and conclusions, that is no reason to abandon your efforts. Once you succeed in raising yourself up to this higher viewpoint, there will be other opportunities in life to make it prevail.
No effort to advance on the path of lucidity and altruism is ever wasted. You must not be discouraged, even if others brand you as a dreamer, a utopian, a visionary or a crank – there is no shortage of labels – for you know that you are getting closer to the truth.*
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