A symbol of the spirit that we must nourish for it to become powerful

October 28th 2024
A mere breath can blow out the flame of a candle, but if you feed that flame, the breath that once threatened to extinguish it will make it so powerful that nothing can put it out. A flame is a symbol of the spirit.* If you do not nourish your spirit, if you neglect it because you supposedly have better things to do, the flame of your spirit will become so weak that the slightest little difficulty can snuff it out.
There are many people whose spirit has been snuffed out: they drag themselves through life, they eat and drink and potter about, but their spirit is no longer alight. Others, on the contrary, continue to nourish their spirit by means of prayer, meditation and contemplation, and it becomes so strong that the storms of life only make it burn more brightly. Yes, the difficulties and obstacles that strike down the weak serve to strengthen the children of the spirit. But you must not rely on the spirit, thinking, ‘Oh, the spirit is so strong and powerful that it will come to help me when I’m in trouble’. No, the spirit is not yet strong and powerful, but it will be extremely powerful provided you nourish it.
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