Masculine principle

Put the lord in first place

December 7th 2024
How did the masculine principle (1) create the feminine principle (0), matter? By bending over and joining its two extremities together. At that moment, the circle is formed and the circle represents matter, the universe as a whole. So, 1, the creative principle, comes first in all things, and 0, the creation or the created, must follow. By putting 1 before 0, we increase its power tenfold: 1 becomes 10. But if we do the opposite, 0, 1, we reduce its strength and its value ten times.
Let us now transpose this to the inner life. If you put yourself, that which has been created – in other words the 0 – first, and 1, the divine principle, in second place behind you, then you diminish your qualities and your ability to progress. Whereas if you say, ‘Lord, only You are truly great, powerful and wise, I will always place You before me in first place and I will follow You’, you increase your capabilities: you become 10. This is the attitude of truly spiritual people: they put the Lord first, in order to receive good advice and guidance.*
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