Possible only if we submit ourselves to heaven

December 12th 2024
The issue of freedom is far from clear in people’s minds. Those who believe that being free means to be dependent on nothing and no one do not realize the danger they are in; since their heads and souls are empty, there are gaps everywhere into which all that is negative and dark is ready to rush. They want to be free, yes, but what actually happens is that they end up being totally overwhelmed by other forces of which they know nothing. You see this all too often. The devil finds work for anyone whose mind is not filled with a divine idea: foolishness, extravagances and dangerous adventures, with their trail of consequences. Yes, because they were supposedly ‘free’!
We must be committed, filled, occupied, caught up by heaven. Only then are we shielded and truly free. There is no such thing as a vacuum, which is why you must do everything in your power not to be freed from heaven and the light; you must put yourself at the disposal of the celestial forces in order to receive endless blessings. Human beings can find freedom only if they are committed, and submit themselves to heaven.*
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