The materialization of energies, currents and forces

June 16th 2024
Conventional science is still a long way from understanding how God created human beings in His heavenly workshops. Only the greatest clairvoyants and Initiates have been able to see the reality of something so remote, and they tell us that in their essence, human beings are actually without form. They consist of currents of energy and luminous emanations, and those currents and emanations have gradually condensed to form the physical organs we know today.
So, our stomach, liver, spleen, brain, eyes, ears, legs and arms are the materialization of forces that flow on a subtler plane. When human beings behave unreasonably, it is as though they were gradually extinguishing their lights – that is, their virtues and forces – on these higher planes, and then the organs that correspond to those virtues and forces begin to fail. This explains people’s physical health problems: they fall ill because their lights dim and go out on high.*
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