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Drinking the elixir of immortal life (eBook)

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ISBN: 9782818401460

Language: Anglais

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The themes presented in these extracts are developed in the following books from the Izvor and the Complete Works Collections:
P225AN: Harmony and Health
P229AN: The Path of Silence
P232AN: The Mysteries of Fire and Water
C07AN: The Mysteries of Yesod
C10AN: The Splendours of Tiphareth
C16AN: Hrani Yoga

- The elixir of long life
- Iesod, the sephira of pure life
- Blood, the bearer of life
- Respiration
- Nutrition:
. Vegetarianism
. Nutrition considered as yoga
- The rules of nutrition applied to psychic life
- The spoken word- ‘It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person…’
- The solar plexus, reservoir of energy
- The source of pure life: silence
- The water of Life
- The region of Eternal Spring
- ‘They ate fire and drank light’


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