Spirit and Matter - How to harmonize them within us (MP4)

Do not reject matter, but make it obedient to spirit

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Subtitles in English - Length: 1h 20'

Language: Français

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Spontaneous lecture in French of June 16, 1985 - Subtitles in English - Length: 1h 20'

1 - The name of God

2 - Matter: condensation of the spirit

3 - Work for the community

4 - What is the spirit?

5 - God is everywhere

'It is a mistake to think that spirit and matter are in opposition, for matter is a condensation of spirit. And on this matter which came from it, spirit works to bring forth innumerable forms of life. Spirit and matter are two aspects of God himself. Matter is as sacred and holy as spirit because it is the daughter of spirit.'


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Langue Français
Informations Subtitles in English - Length: 1h 20'

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