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Spirituality in Every Day Life (eBook)

Ref: TCF02AN

ISBN: 9782818405888

Language: Anglais

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The themes presented in these extracts are developed in the following books from the Izvor Collection:
P0202AN: Man, Master of his Destiny
P0211AN: Freedom, the Spirit Triumphant
P0214AN: Cosmic Creation - Union of the Masculine and Feminine
P0224AN: The Powers of Thought
P0227AN: Golden Rules for Everyday Life
P0231AN: The Seeds of Happiness

- Striking a balance between the spiritual and the material
- Distinguish clearly between the end and the means
- Physical labour and spiritual labour
- Everyday tasks
- The decision to start a family
- Do not try to impose your own convictions
- The life of a couple: facing up to the problems
- Fate: acceptance not subjection
- Our field of responsibility
- The right attitude
- We can influence others only through example
- Giving and receiving
- A higher justice
- How to help one’s country
- One cannot save oneself alone


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