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Le yoga de la nutrition

« De plus en plus de personnes se penchent sur la question de la nutrition et c’est important, mais pour moi, l’essentiel c’est de comprendre que cette question ne se limite pas au corps physique... »


Traduit en 21 langues

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Table des matières (extraits)
  • Le choix de la nourriture
  • Le végétarisme
  • La morale de la nutrition
  • Le travail de l'esprit sur la matière
  • La loi des échanges

The Symbolic Language of Geometrical Figures

Collection Izvor

The Symbolic Language of Geometrical Figures


152 pages - 20 illustrations

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'Geometrical figures are, as it were, the framework or skeleton of reality but although they are reduced to the bare bones they are by no means dead, for they represent living realities in man and the universe. And this is why, in order to interpret them, we have to breathe the life of the spirit into them: they will mean nothing to us if we are content to study them only as they occur outside ourselves.'

1 - Geometrical Symbolism
2 - The Circle
3 - The Triangle
4 - The Pentagram
5 - The Pyramid
6 - The Cross
7 - The Quadrature of the Circle

  • The Yoga of Nutrition
  • Hope for the World : Spiritual Galvanoplasty
  • The Living Book of Nature
  • Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres
  • The Zodiac, Key to Man and to the Universe
  • Man's Psychic Life : Elements and Structures
  • Looking into the Invisible - Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
  • The Book of Revelations: a Commentary
  • The Mysteries of Fire and Water
  • Angels and other Mysteries of The Tree of Life