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Le yoga de la nutrition

« De plus en plus de personnes se penchent sur la question de la nutrition et c’est important, mais pour moi, l’essentiel c’est de comprendre que cette question ne se limite pas au corps physique... »


Traduit en 21 langues

9,60 €

Table des matières (extraits)
  • Le choix de la nourriture
  • Le végétarisme
  • La morale de la nutrition
  • Le travail de l'esprit sur la matière
  • La loi des échanges

True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection

Collection Izvor

True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection


191 pages - 5 illustrations

ISBN : 2-85566-384-9

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'Don't battle against your weaknesses and vices for it is they who will win: instead, learn to make them work for you. You find it perfectly normal to use natural, physical forces so why be astonished at the idea of using your own primitive forces! Once you know the rules of spiritual alchemy you will be able to transform and use the negative forces that exist in such abundance within you.'

1 - Spiritual Alchemy
2 - The Human Tree
3 - Character and Temperament
4 - Our Heritage from the Animal Kingdom
5 - Fear
6 - Stereotypes
7 - Grafting
8 - The Use of Energy
9 - Sacrifice, the Transmutation of Matter
10. Vainglory and Divine Glory
11 - Pride and Humility
12 - The Sublimation of Sexual Energy

  • Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon
  • Light is a Living Spirit
  • Man's Two Natures, Human and Divine
  • The Living Book of Nature
  • Man's Psychic Life : Elements and Structures
  • Creation: Artistic and Spiritual
  • The Powers of Thought
  • The Book of Divine Magic
  • The Path of Silence
  • The Philosopher's stone in the Gospels and in Alchemy