Lyre of orpheus

The 7 strings, a symbol of man

January 4th 2024
So many musicians and poets have dreamed of possessing the lyre of Orpheus in order to hold nature and humans under their spell! In reality, the lyre of Orpheus is not a musical instrument, but a symbol of man himself. The seven strings represent the seven bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic. Each string has its own vibration and puts us in communication with specific regions of the visible and invisible worlds and their inhabitants.
Most human beings are content to make only one of their strings vibrate – their physical body. They do not bother much with the other strings, which is why they produce nothing but squeaks. Disciples of an Initiatic School study the nature and properties of each string, each body, and work to develop them. These exercises involve the whole of one’s being; they therefore necessitate a new way of living that takes conscious account of the slightest acts of daily life, for their aim is to achieve a state where there is no longer any dissonance between the physical body, the heart, mind, will, soul and spirit. Those who understand the profound symbolism of the seven-stringed lyre will themselves become lyres vibrating in unison with the entire cosmos, and they will be received among the children of heaven.*
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