Either through hardship or by means of the spiritual sun

March 23rd 2024
Observe how nature purifies water and you will notice that there are two possible processes. In the first, water filters into the ground, and there, in the darkness, it passes through different layers, leaving its impurities along the way. Little by little, it becomes limpid and clear and one day bursts forth somewhere as a spring. In the second, water is heated by the rays of the sun, becomes lighter and rises into the atmosphere as vapour, purifying itself through evaporation. Later it falls back to earth as dew or rain, bringing life to all vegetation.
Human beings, too, can purify themselves using two different methods. Those who do not wish to purify themselves by means of the sun’s rays must descend into the earth and pass through dark regions – through difficulties, suffering and great stress. True disciples choose the other method: they expose themselves to the rays of the spiritual sun, rise and absorb the most luminous elements, and are thereby purified.*
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