Seize hold of inner beauty in order to find it on the outside

July 29th 2024
We cannot find something that is exterior to us if we have not first found it within ourselves. Yes, for whatever we come across externally, if we have not already discovered it within, we will pass it by, sight unseen. The more we discover inner beauty, the more we perceive it on the physical plane. No doubt you are thinking, ‘If I cannot see it, it is not there.’ Yes, it is there, but you do not see it because some of your organs of perception are not yet developed enough.
Strive to seize hold of beauty within, and you will see it outside as well, because the outer, objective world is nothing other than a reflection of the interior, subjective world. So it is pointless to look for something on the outside if you have not first managed to find it within yourself.*
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