They must not stop us from returning to the path of salvation

November 29th 2024
Whatever faults you may have committed, nothing can stop you from returning to the path of salvation, if that is what you really desire. Tell yourself that heaven has more confidence in a person who has erred and repented than in someone who is blameless. Why? Because someone who has never made a mistake is always liable to do something stupid. They lack experience and are therefore not yet dependable; they can blunder around blindly, sooner or later meeting their downfall. Whereas somebody who has suffered in the devil’s clutches will resolve to escape in order to do God’s will. Providing they succeed, heaven will be glad of their services, saying, ‘At last! Here is someone who we can rely on!’
Of course, that does not mean that you can indulge in all sorts of wild behaviour so that you can better yourself all the more afterwards, no, because it may then take centuries to sort yourself out. Anyway, you have all made quite enough mistakes as it is, so now is the time to learn wisdom and place yourself in the service of heaven.*
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