Feeding the flame of our spirit

Entretenir la flamme de notre esprit - Le sens du sacrifice - DVD PAL

'You light a candle… Its flame will give you light as long as it is fed by the burning wax...'

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DVD lectures

DVD lectures
Talks given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in French with subtitles in English and more than 10 other languages.

DVD PAL with cover in French.

Feeding the flame of our spirit - The meaning of sacrifice - DVD PAL
Entretenir la flamme de notre esprit - Le sens du sacrifice - DVD PAL
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Intuition, a faculty of our higher self - DVD PAL
L’intuition, faculté de notre Moi supérieur - DVD PAL
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Cosmic Hierarchy and the Law of Evolution
Hiérarchie cosmique et loi de l´évolution - DVD PAL
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Artistic creation – surpassing oneself
La création artistique ou le dépassement de soi - DVD Pal
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Breathing, key to the rhythms of the universe
La respiration, clé des rythmes de l'univers - DVD Pal
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Good and evil are the two forces that drive the wheel of life
Le bien et le mal, deux forces qui font tourner... - DVD Pal
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Spirit and Matter - How to harmonize them within us
L'esprit et la matière, comment les harmoniser en nous - DVD Pal
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Thought needs feeling in order to manifest
La pensée a besoin du sentiment pour se réaliser - DVD Pal
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Working towards universality and brotherhood
En chemin vers l'universel, la fraternité - DVD Pal
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Only a high ideal brings fulfilment
Seul un haut idéal apporte la plénitude - DVD Pal
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Prayer and the Value of Community
La prière, les bienfaits de la collectivité - DVD Pal
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