Sunrise Meditations

How to regenerate our organism thanks to the sun

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ISBN: 9782818405369

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In this lecture, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explores the analogy between spiritual and material foods. Just as we take care of our body through daily meals, the author invites us to nourish ourselves with the sun, its heat and its light to nourish our spiritual bodies. This work includes 26 meditation methods to gain inspiration, benefit from the influence of the sun and harmonize with it, in order to be guided towards authentic spiritual vitality.

1. Preparing ourselves
2. On the way to meet the sun
3. The sun’s work: the spirit’s work
4. Moving toward the sun
5. The earth’s role
6. The union of sun and earth
7. The sun of renewal
8. Germination
9. The circulation of light
10. The regeneration of our organism
11. Prana
12. The sun, image of God
13. Our living link with the sun
14. The solar trinity: light, warmth and life
15. The principle of a universal religion, the sun
16. The image of perfection
17. The land of the living
18. Give our heart to the sun
19. Drink light
20. Gold, a condensation of solar light
21. The riches of the seven colours
22. The penetration of the sun’s rays
23. The solar human
24. The quest for the summit
25. The body and blood of Christ
26. See the sun as if for the first time
Prayer at sunrise


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