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Catalog Prosveta 2019
Catalog Prosveta 2019

The Akasha Chronica: the Cosmic archives



Tapestry © Jean Picart Le Doux (1902-1982)
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'The cosmic archives conserve the bodily form people had during their lives, sometimes even their clothing. Suppose you are at a spirit séance and you wish to materialize someone who lived several thousand years ago... if he comes and talks to you he will have exactly the same form he had in the past. Actually it is not he who comes, but his form which has been in the archives of nature, an animated form which speaks to you and which you can touch, etc.
Forms do not disappear.
The human being evolves, advances, and discards one form in order to take another, but each one of his forms is carefully preserved in the world’s archives, the Akasha Chronica. A form does not last beyond one incarnation, in his next incarnation he will have another form and that too will be preserved. All forms are kept for millions of years, perhaps until the universe disappears, and always there are new ones.'


Extract from ‘The key to the Problems of Existence’
(Chap. 9 - 'Working on the personnality')
The Key to the Problems of Existence
Flip-Through Table of contents
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