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The Third Eye: being in touch with the divine world

The third eye of Shiva

"The third eye of Shiva" - Bijapur (Inde) – Photo sarangib | Pixabay
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'There is a great deal to be said about the eyes. As you know, there is a science known as iridology which studies the iris of the eye in the minutest detail and thanks to which all one’s past and present illnesses can be discerned. All the organs of the body, including the eyes themselves, are represented in the iris in such detail that even the loss of a tooth can be detected. It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and it is true. Wisdom, kindness and all the other hidden qualities of a man can be seen in his eyes.
The eye is represented diagrammatically as a circle with a dot in the centre . As you know, this is also the astrological symbol for the sun. For an astrologer, the right eye is related to the sun and the left to the moon, and if the sun and moon are poorly aspected in a person’s horoscope, his eyes will suffer in some way, either by illness or by accident; it depends on the aspects of the planets and the houses in which they are placed…
The eyes are related to truth. Jesus said, ‘If your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light.’ Of course, Jesus was not talking about our physical eyes but about the spiritual eye, that which we call the third eye, the mystical eye that enables us to see the whole of reality. The two physical eyes and the third eye form a triangle, a prism, thanks to which the currents that flow through us, as well as all our thoughts and feelings, strengthen our aura and enhance our sensitivity to the divine world.
At the moment, the only light that enters us is the light we receive through our physical eyes; our third eye is closed by inferior thoughts and feelings that prevent us from perceiving currents from above. The only ones we are capable of picking up – in fact, we cannot avoid doing so – are those from below.
The third eye of an initiate is an antenna which puts him in touch with the divine world. We would do well to practise concentrating on our third eye every day; it is a very good exercise which makes it possible to attain an extraordinary degree of elevation from which we see things from a quite different point of view. The inner eye, intuition, sees both aspects at once; it is this intuition that we must cultivate in order to see both inwardly and outwardly at the same time. '
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