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Breathing, a factor of health and development


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'Deep breathing is a magnificent exercise, which you should practise regularly, for it revives one’s energies.
In order to get the greatest possible benefit from it, it has to be compressed and held in the lungs. While the air is under compression in your lungs, your organism is doing a work which is the equivalent of the phases of ignition and explosion in an internal combustion engine; as the air cannot escape through the windpipe, it is forced to circulate through the tiny channels that nature opens for it. If you breathe out again and let it escape at once, all its energy is lost. When you hold it in, on the other hand, nature directs the energy it contains through these minute paths in your organism in such a way that it touches and sets in motion various centres along its path.
Regular breathing exercises will improve your health. Each individual has their own method and their own rhythm, which they must find by listening to their inner doctor. Yes, for each one of us has an inner doctor, and those who refuse to listen to it will be obliged to listen, one day, to an external doctor! Listen to your inner doctor; you will be shown how to breathe and how often and at what time of day to do these exercises, for you are all different and you must all find your own particular rhythm.
Breathing is also very important for the functioning of the brain. It is excellent to read and study and meditate, but you must also realize that the functioning of the brain depends on the rest of the body and, in particular, on the lungs. To be sure, the lungs do not act directly on the brain, but they have a very important role to play in purifying the blood, and when the blood is pure it irrigates the brain and supplies it with elements which facilitate its work of understanding or of meditation.
When you get into the habit of doing breathing exercises you will find that your health, your emotional balance, the clarity of your thought and even your will-power are enhanced. Try it for yourself: when you have to lift something heavy, it is far easier if you start by taking a deep breath.'

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