Monthly Meditation

Hope, faith and love

The Wings of Hope

'The Wings of Hope",
sculpture © Martin Eichinger'
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'Hope, faith and love are therefore the only forces that make it possible for us to go through life in the best physical, psychic and spiritual conditions. Hope in God preserves us from the anxieties of our material existence. Faith in him frees us from the grip of illusions. Finally, love of him enables us to reach and secure our hold on the summit without risk of falling.
Study the lives of those who have faith, hope and love, and see how they work, how they grow in beauty and vitality, how they manage to face up to difficulties and overcome trials, finding in each occasion a new opportunity for enrich­ment.
These three virtues seem very remote to you, because your understanding of them is too abstract. You fail to sense that they constitute the three pillars of your psychic life... Only the life, light and warmth of the sun can give us some idea of the power, wisdom and love of God. And it is up to us to establish a relationship with that divine power, wisdom and light. How can we do this? Through hope, faith and love.'

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