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Life is a continuity

Sea and Waves

"Sea and Waves" - © Darko Topalski (2012-2015)
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'The fear of death is proof of a lack of light, a limited understanding of what life really is. In a way, death does not exist; it is part of life, simply a change of level and of clothing, with the aim of advancing our understanding of life. Each time actors take on a new role, they change costume, but also their partner changes, and this new role teaches them something more about themselves and others. Well, we cannot remain forever in one role either, and after a while we must leave the world stage. We call this ‘death’, but really there is only continuous life. We have to get used to seeing life as a continuity. Humans have the very unfortunate habit of creating divisions everywhere: divisions between the spiritual and the material, between being awake and being asleep, between life and death… No, life is all one.

Life – each person defines this word according to their level of understanding. So, for most people, life represents only a very limited reality. And yet, life is a limitless ocean. In the midst of this ocean, it is said that creatures are born and die, when in reality there is only ever life. The ocean is one of the images that best express the whole of life and its eternal nature. The other images used are those of a flowing spring, the shining sun and the tree.'

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