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Only practice matters

'The spiritual life does not require us to accumulate lots of knowledge. The most important thing in the spiritual life is practice. It is good to read and study but not without ever trying to achieve what you have studied and make it concrete. Obviously, without sufficient knowledge, practice is poor and empty. But once certain ideas have been acquired, it is necessary to focus on a few exercises and repeat them every day. Our Teaching teaches us how to work with the spirit, soul, mind and heart, but also with the will. And the will is developed through the practice of movements that are the result of the activities of the spirit, soul, mind and heart.
Many disciples of spiritual teachings still do not understand that they ought to be practising simple methods. They dive into works on the Cabbalah, astrology, magic, alchemy, Hinduism or other kinds of spirituality without having learned humility, purity, patience, kindness or gratitude. They do not know how to be in harmony with other people and the whole of creation, and so they are disturbed and made ill by the least thing: reading indiscriminately has taken them to the edge of an abyss. They had imagined they were going to gain access to great mysteries, solve the enigma of the universe and receive initiation. They thought that, because they were busy with these grandiose plans, they could neglect certain activities in daily life that were unworthy of them, as well as all the elementary truths that could have shed light on their path. But it is these elementary truths that are the most important, and if they had applied them they would have found the right attitude and been protected as they continued their studies.
Young Man Reading by the Light

"Young Man Reading by the Light" - © Norman Rockwell (1926)
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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

"Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov" - Gymnastic exercise (1983) - © Editions Prosveta SA
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Do not be surprised if our Teaching insists so much on practice: it is thanks to practice that you will one day have light. I have often reminded you of how primitive peoples lit a fire, and you can try the same thing. One way is to take two pieces of wood and rub them together: the rubbing produces heat, and eventually the heat will suddenly produce a flame and light. The three stages of movement, heat and light have an equivalent in our psychic life: movement (will and action) produces heat (love and feeling), and heat produces light (thought and understanding). So, to arrive at light, we have to activate the will until it produces heat – love – and until this heat, this love, becomes light. When you really apply yourself to doing exercises, you will eventually not be able to do without them, and then one day the light will burst forth.
If you have the willpower to do some exercises every day, you will gradually get the taste for them and love them, and thanks to your love the light will burst forth and their deeper meaning will become real to you...'

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