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Our mother, the earth

The Earth

"The Earth, Western Pacific" - © Laboratory for Atmospheres (NASA)
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'Humans will never be able to bring Jesus to birth within themselves if they do not understand their mother, the earth. If they have no idea what the earth is and have never established a relationship of awareness, affection and respect with her, they will never be able to change anything in their physical body. Our body has close ties to the earth; it is a child of the earth, and one day it will return to the womb from which it came, and if our relationship with mother earth is not what it should be, the Christ cannot be born either in our acts or in our physical body. People never imagine that the earth is intelligent. They study it solely from the geographical point of view: so many inhabitants, so many seas, oceans and lakes, so many mountains and rivers, etc. The earth is the least known and the most neglected and despised of creatures, and a great many misfortunes stem from this ignorant attitude, this lack of respect for our mother earth, who gave of her own body to fashion our bodies.
A vast body of science exists concerning the relationship of human beings to the earth and the attitude they should have towards it: how to speak to it and thank it, how to draw strength from it, how to give it all their impurities to be transformed. For in the bowels of the earth are sewage works and factories in which it transforms all the impurities and waste products we send it. Whatever we dump on the earth is sent down to these factories to be transformed and used to produce flowers and fruit and all kinds of useful and beautiful things. Oh, yes, the earth is extremely intelligent!'

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