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Prana, the elixir of eternal life

The Alchemist

"The Alchemist" - N C. Wyeth (1937)
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'In the ancient treatises on alchemy there is constant reference to a kind of oil or essence that possessed marvellous properties: it could give health, intelligence, beauty, knowledge and so on. In point of fact, all living things, plants, animals and humans, can distil this essence. It has been variously called the true sap, prana, the elixir of eternal life, etc. Some people call it magnetism. This is what Jesus was referring to when he said, ‘From his belly will flow streams of living water.’ And when people eat and breathe (for the air is full of the essence distilled by the sun and we can receive it when we breathe), and when they think, they are trying to distil this oil or essence.
As I have already told you, this essence can be found everywhere. Plants draw it from the soil, the air and the sun’s rays, and thanks to it they produce their sap. The sap of plants is a symbol of the living sap that flows in us. And where is the spring from which it flows? In the solar plexus.
The solar plexus contains living magnetism and when it is upset and the magnetism escapes, you feel that your strength has left you and that you are incapable either of action or of concentration.'

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