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The Body of Glory, Body of Resurrection

The appearance of Christ

"The appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene after the resurrection" - Alexander Ivanov (1835)
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'The buddhic body is the body of disinterested love, of absolute bliss and purity. Christ and the Buddha were perfect examples of love, sacrifice and purity. And this is why disciples who learn this science must strive to cultivate the purest and most disinterested desires with which to nourish their etheric and buddhic bodies. By means of disinterested work, sacrifice and divine love, a person builds his or her body of glory and causes it to grow and develop in light and beauty and, thanks to this body of glory, will one day rise and become immortal. This is how the resurrection of Jesus must be understood. It is clear from his words and from the life he led that Jesus, who was instructed in all these things, nourished the seeds of his etheric and buddhic bodies with such pure and luminous thoughts and desires that he formed his own body of glory.
When he rose from the dead, therefore, it was not with his physical body: he rose from the tomb with his etheric and buddhic bodies. This is why he told Mary Magdalene not to touch him: he could not allow anyone to touch him until he had consolidated his body and made it more material.
You see: everything can be explained. Jesus did not rise with his physical body. No, he appeared with his etheric body, his body of glory, and he continues to live on earth with his body of glory: he has not left the world. '

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