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The true meaning of the Fall

God's Curse

"God's Curse" - James Tissot (c. 1896-1902)
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'As I have already said, the entity that we call God is both masculine and feminine, the heavenly Father and the divine Mother. Similarly, every human being created in the image of God is polarized as both masculine (symbolized by Adam) and feminine (symbolized by Eve). When a human being incarnates he necessarily leaves his heavenly Mother and Father, but even though he is obliged to leave them, he must not sever the ties that bind him to them.
His parents have not cast him off, alone and unprovided-for. They have given him the means he needs to remain linked to them, and those means are the soul – which is feminine – and the spirit – which is masculine.
Yes, but the soul and spirit are living entities. They are not inert objects like a link of rope or metal, and in order to remain in touch with the heavenly Father and the divine Mother, a human being has to work with wisdom, the masculine principle, and love, the feminine principle, the two attributes of God from which flow all others.
And as attraction exists only between opposite poles, the soul must attach itself to the heavenly Father by working with wisdom, and the spirit must attach itself to the divine Mother by working with love.
Our spirit must keep in touch with its Mother through love, and our soul must keep in touch with its Father through wisdom. It is this contact that enables them to communicate their light to our minds and our hearts. Without this light our minds and hearts would repeat the fault of Adam and Eve.
Just as Eve listened to the false promises of the serpent – a terrestrial animal – and convinced her weaker partner, Adam, to follow her example, so a heart that is seduced by promises of material gratification can lead the weaker intellect astray. The human heart is always stronger than the mind.
Of course, this story, too, is an allegory. It means that when the heart and mind no longer receive true wisdom and love through the soul and spirit, they fall into the clutches of the powers of darkness. This, then, is the story of Adam and Eve. Adam is not a man and Eve is not a woman, and you must no longer identify all men with Adam or all women with Eve. The story of Adam and Eve is a description of a psychic process that takes place within each human being, whether man or woman. When our mind and heart are no longer linked to our soul and spirit – which are reflections of the cosmic spirit and the universal soul – we are inevitably drawn down into the lower regions.
Adam and Eve

"Adam and Eve" - Marble by Auguste Rodin (1905) - © Musée Rodin
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This is the ‘Fall’. It is up to us, therefore, to make the effort not to abandon heaven, the Garden of Eden. If we are not very firmly attached to the higher world, the lower world will engulf us...'

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