Fire, Water, Air and Earth: an entrance in the Zodiacal year

Four seasons, four elements

An entrance in the Zodiacal year

'The four elements are also part of our daily lives.'

'During the year, the sun passes by four cardinal points called solstices and equinoxes and each marks the beginning of a season.

On the circle of the zodiac, the spring begins with the Aries, the fire sign, the summer with the Cancer, the water sign, the autumn with the Libra, the air sign, and the winter with the Capricorn, the earth sign.

The entry in each season is therefore under the sign of one of the four elements. But the four elements are also part of our daily lives. Eating, drinking, washing, breathing, receiving light and heat from the sun are opportunities to enter consciously with the earth, water, air and fire.'

Breathing, key to the rhythms
of the universe

'Breathing affects not only our physical life but all manifestations of our psychic life. Meditation, prayer and ecstasy are all forms of breathing. All the rhythms of our organism can be harmonized with the rhythms of the cosmic breath.'

The way we eat helps
our spiritual life

'How we eat influences our spiritual development. It is not a matter of knowing everything food contains but rather of knowing how to eat with love and gratitude. This is the most important thing.'

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