In order to stop feeling lonely

6 concise and practical tips

In order to stop feeling lonely

In order to help face this period of health crisis that we are going through, we first proposed to you '12 Methods to harmonize in our daily life'.

We now offer you 6 concise and practical tips, taken from the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, to accompany us throughout the day.


'A good smile is always accompanied by a good look, and that look filled with love spreads such a light that the features of the face seem to melt, we only see this light. What joy, what comfort such a smile can bring! So, from time to time think about giving that smile.'

The power of water

'Because water has a great absorbing power, by immersing your hands in it, you can entrust it with your thoughts, feelings, best wishes for yourself and for all humans in the world: it does not. will permeate and carry them wherever it passes. Water is a vehicle for your thoughts, desires, and a vehicle all the more powerful as it is alive with the life of God Himself.'

Selfless friendship

'The desire to have friends is natural, but not all means are good to achieve it. If you want to be loved, appreciated, address yourself to the best and noblest things in them. This selfless love will benefit them and in return bring you whatever you want.'

Happiness beyond our loved ones

'Do not wait for happiness to come to you only from a few people who are close to you. Tell yourself that there are millions of men and women on earth with all kinds of qualities and talents that you will probably never get the chance to meet. Rejoice at the mere thought that they exist, you and your family, your friends will be enriched by them.'

Animate and spiritualize matter

'In order for your life to become rich and full, learn to project more light and love. Know that you are able to animate and spiritualize matter, and not just the matter of your own cells, but also that of all beings and nature around you. You will achieve this when you know how to tear living particles from your heart and soul.'

A universal family

'Even when you are alone, remember that you belong to a huge family, a spiritual family that you can relate to. The real cure for loneliness is therefore the expansion of consciousness. When you understand that all beings are sons and daughters of the same Father, the Cosmic Spirit, and the same Mother, Nature, you will never feel alone again.'

Happiness is a state of consciousness

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