Love your Health

All our cells must vibrate in unison

Love your Health

'The best way to maintain and improve your health is to intensify the life within you through spiritual activity.'

'Health is one of the major concerns of human beings, but at the same time one is obliged to note that they don’t do much to preserve it.

To know whether or not you have succeeded in getting into harmony, it will be easy, your whole being will tell you. When all your cells vibrate in unison, you can't help but feel it. You will feel that, from all sides, tremendous forces are flowing towards you, that your aura vibrates, that you are regenerated.

Also imagine that your heart is filled with a golden light as if it were a small sun from which rays spring. How could angelic spirits not feel drawn to such a home?'


'Put the word “harmony” at the heart of your existence, keep it within you like a kind of tuning fork.'

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