The Feast of Christmas

The Birth of the Christ Principle Within Us

The Feast of Christmas

'The birth of Jesus is an interior event, a spiritual event.'

'We cannot deny the historical significance of the birth of Jesus, but it is the cosmic and mystical aspects that are essential, because the birth of Christ – of which the birth of Jesus is only one aspect – is an event that occurs in the universe every year, and because Christ can be born within us also at any time.

For some he has already been born, for others his birth will come soon, and for still others it will come some time in the future. Everything depends on the conditions prepared by the individual.

And this is why it is very important to prepare for this feast of Christmas well in advance so that you may fully understand its significance.'

Christmas, the birth of
the divine child within

'Our soul receives the seeds of the cosmic Spirit and gives birth to divine children...'

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