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To be born of the universal soul

Adoration of The Baby

"Adoration of The Baby" - Gerrit van Honthorst (1620)
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'For the child Jesus to be born in us there has to be a father and a mother. Joseph, the father, is the intellect, the human mind, and Mary, the mother, is the heart, the human soul. When the heart and soul are pure, the child can be born, but it is not born of the mind and the spirit; it is born of the universal Soul, which is none other than the Holy Spirit in the form of fire, divine love – a pure flame that impregnates the heart and soul of a human being. The heart and soul represent the receptive, feminine principle, whereas the mind and spirit represent the masculine principle, which provides the right conditions for the Holy Spirit, the universal Soul, which is fire, to take possession of the soul, that is of Mary. When this is accomplished the infant-Christ is born. But, as birth is a phenomenon that takes place in the three worlds, the child must be born also on the physical plane.
As you see, it is far more complex than you thought...'

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