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Catalog Prosveta 2019
Catalog Prosveta 2019

To open the graves of our cells


The Empty Tomb

"The Empty Tomb",
Mikhail Nesterov (1889)
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'...It may help you to understand the phenomenon of resurrection if I give you an example. Take the image of a seed: a seed that has been planted in the ground is just like a human being in his grave. When the angel of warmth comes, he caresses the seed and awakens it, saying: ‘It’s time to come out of your grave.’ And then the life that lay buried there begins to stir. A tiny shoot divides the seed in two, pushes its way up through the soil, and grows into a magnificent tree. This is resurrection.
But for resurrection to take place, the grave must first be opened, and only heat can open a grave – and by heat I mean love. Those who have a great deal of love in their hearts, a love free of self-interest, a spiritual love, open the graves of their cells.'

Extract from ‘You Are Gods’
(Part IX, Chap. 3 - 'The Resurrection and the Last Judgement')
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