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Communicate with the Spirit of the Tree

Angel Oak

"Angel Oak" - Photo © Patrick Hall -
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'Choose a big tree – an oak, beech, or birch – and put your back against it, holding your left hand with its palm against the tree trunk behind your back and the palm of your right hand on your solar plexus.
Concentrate on the energy of the tree which you try to receive with your left hand and then send that energy through your organism with your right hand. After several minutes of this exercise you will feel yourself strengthened, calmed and even healed.
However, in order to receive this transfusion of energy properly you must first be taught. If you really know how to appreciate it, you will find this method has extraordinary value.
Instead of trying to prepare the alchemist’s oil, in search of which people have vainly given their health and fortune, it is much better to go into a forest and talk to the trees.
However, if you are to talk to them, you must first be aware that they are living beings and you must love them. Thanks to the understanding and love of the trees, you will establish a subtle harmony and communion with Nature. Very few people nowadays have any idea of the prodigious energy which the trees of the forest possess.
Communication with the spirits of the trees was an art possessed by the Druids but now man has lost the secret of how to regenerate himself and no longer understands the universal language.
Once again he must discover the living book of Nature. Take yourself into forests, walk through Nature, give yourself new life, and praise the Lord who created such wonders and splendours.'
The Sacred Grove of the Druids

"The Sacred Grove of the Druids" - Engraving for the opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835)
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