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Let the dead live in peace

The flight of the soul

"Poem of the Soul (16): The flight of the soul" - Louis Janmot (1854)
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'It is not always the same souls who incarnate on this earth. It can happen, of course, that the same ones come back time and time again in the course of the centuries, but it is not necessarily so.
The earth, you see, is not the only place where creatures can go to train and develop. There are other ‘earths’ all over the universe where they can go for instruction.
Just as creatures from other planets come to earth with a particular mission to accomplish, and leave again once their work is done, so creatures from earth can be sent to other planets, and it is the Twenty-Four Elders who are in charge of organizing all this coming and going.
When a man dies, the doors of the earth close behind him, he finds himself caught up in other currents and he is not entitled to turn back. This is why it is not good to call up the dead, because it hinders them in their evolution. We must pray for them and send them light to help them to evolve, but we must not cling to them and try to hold on to them and, above all, we must not try to bring them back once they have left the earth.'

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