Monthly Meditation

'Remain quiet and natural'

Sendai Daikannon

"Sendai Daikannon" - Photo by Yonezawa (Japan)
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'A disciple's attitude is to be natural, simple, available and helpful. Why pretend, why wear a mask, why play a role? "But shouldn't you show what you are capable of?" you ask. Yes, you should, you should display all your assets and qualities, but not that way. When you have worked on yourself for some time, sculpting and designing and painting yourself, then let your body, your facial expression, your gestures and comportment speak for you... while you remain quiet and natural... why try to appear something you are not? Let your face show your intelligence, your strength, your nobleness. If your attitude is high and mighty and superior to everyone, and your face betrays the fact that you have no light, no love, no life... you are nothing but ridiculous.
Jesus said, "Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven". Children are what they appear to be, if they look natural and nice, that is the way they are, but people who arrive at a certain position in society think they must play a role, thereby demonstrating that they are in fact tense, afraid, misguided, and far from the Kingdom of Heaven !
Since you are now part of this Teaching, realize that if you have qualities of greatness, if you are intelligent and pure, your face will show it, it will be evident without your having to strike any postures. Let the work you do inside speak for you, it will be a better witness than any artificial attitude.'

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