Monthly Meditation

Saint-Michael: to cut the ties


'Bronze statue of Saint Michael',
Castel Sant'Angelo (Rome)
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'In autumn the archangel Michael comes to separate the fruit from the tree, just as he also separates the good grain from the tares. During the summer, the good and the bad, the useful and the harmful have grown together, and they need to be separated and sorted. This is Michael’s role: he cuts through the ties with his sword. But this separation must take place at the right moment, just as with the birth of a child. The child is like a fruit that detaches from its mother, the tree, but this separation must happen at a precise point in time; the umbilical cord must not be cut prematurely. The archangel Michael comes to separate mother and child at the right moment.

So when autumn comes, the archangel Michael, at the head of the hierarchy of the Malakhim ‘the virtues’, separates the fruit from the tree, and the casing and seed from the fruit...
In autumn too, the chaff is separated from the good grain, to be put away in the loft. In the same way, the archangel Michael pulls the human soul from the body, which is its casing. And, in a way, the soul is also placed in the loft, that is to say, in a peaceful place in the invisible world where there are neither mice nor diseases, and where the master of the house watches over it. Later, it will be sown again, in other words, sent to earth to reincarnate.'

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