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The true beauty of woman


"Aimée Desclée" - Bust by Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (1874) - Photo LACMA Image Library
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'…I am not critical of the feminine desire to be beautiful and charming (a desire inspired by God Himself), and I disagree with the ancient religious concept that women should not try to be attractive, not lead men into temptation.
We have the feminine love of beauty to thank for the fact that mankind is not entirely ugly, for the beauty that is transmitted from mother to child. Nevertheless woman needs to change the direction of her search for beauty, and look for it on the spiritual, rather than the physical, level. If she goes to all that trouble and expense to be beautiful for a few hours, a day at most, she will receive the invitations she longs for, she will snare someone, but if she doesn't add some element of eternal beauty to her face, she will get worse, not better. The best way is to attain inner beauty that will last forever, by having the thoughts and feelings that gradually transform the physical body.
If I could succeed in inculcating in women the desire to be beautiful, not by using little jars and bottles and tweezers and paintbrushes, but by creating in themselves, the loveliness and luminosity that come from thoughts and feelings and imagery belonging to a higher plane... in very little time they would have beauty and charm that no beauty salon could ever give them. What prevents it? Futile things, clouds in front of their eyes keep them from seeing the sun, the truth, that could save them.
A woman who attempts to alter her physical body with physical means will not succeed, because matter represents the feminine principle, and feminine against feminine cancel each other. To transform her own physical matter, woman must use the qualities of the masculine principle: the spirit, the mind, intelligence, purity, force. United, the two principles (masculine and feminine) act on each other... the masculine principle (or spirit) goes to work on the physical body (or matter), and transforms it.
If man wants to improve himself, he must work with the feminine principle, with Nature, to decipher it and render it productive and fruitful, and then the entire Universe will reveal itself to him. The philosophy of the mystics that advise anyone with spiritual leanings to desert the world, to seek refuge in Paradise, in Nirvana, is completely off the track.
Furthermore, the tendency women have to beautify their physical bodies is a message from Cosmic Intelligence, in the most ancient language in the world, signalling what man should do: not abandon the earth, but take care of it, beautify it and spiritualize it instead of leaving it and running away from everything physical. My belief is that women have been unconsciously trying to show us that we should busy ourselves with matter. If you knew the language of Nature, you would see that they have been demonstrating since time immemorial, that the spirit, the world of thoughts and ideas, should not be an object of intellectual perception, but should be brought down on the physical plane...'

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