12 methods for bringing harmony to our daily lives

The period of health crisis we are going through concerns both our psychic and biological organism. It is therefore important to ensure that we harmonize and refocus as much as possible in our daily lives, for our benefit as well as for that of our loved ones.

For this we propose 12 methods, taken from the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, to put into practice as soon as we wake up as well as throughout the day, until we prepare for our sleep.

As soon as you wake up try to feel that you are already receiving love, because everywhere in [...]

The whole world has understood that food is essential. So why not take advantage of this [...]

Deep breathing is a very beneficial exercise that you should think about practicing, because [...]

With our gymnastic exercises, it is therefore first of all the nervous system that we seek to [...]

When you laugh, the energies you have built up in you overflow and you need to share something [...]

Life is just an uninterrupted flow and this is why meditation is so necessary.

Everything that exists, humans, animals, plants, and even stones, emits particles, produces [...]

Light is a subtle matter which gives us access to the spiritual world. So you have to look for [...]

Music is not just a succession of pleasant sounds; music is forces, vibrations.

People for whom praying is a natural, spontaneous reaction, are better equipped than others to [...]

Do you want your existence to be rich and full? Accept the idea that nature is alive and [...]

How you prepare for sleep will determine the next day. So before going to bed, collect [...]

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