As soon as you wake up...

As soon as you wake up, feel that you are receiving love

Prosveta wake up

'When you wake up in the morning, before you even open your eyes, are you even aware of this privilege of being alive? You could have not woken up; now, you are alive, and this discovery should fill you with gratitude.

As soon as you wake up, try to feel that you are already receiving love, because everywhere in the universe love manifests itself.
All this life from heaven and earth that comes to you is love, a love that springs from the divine Source.
Thank and resolve to live with love too, that is, simply to breathe, eat, walk, look, speak, listen with love. Turn your inner gaze to Heaven by putting this day under its protection. Ask him to inspire you in all your actions as well as in the decisions you will have to make.
Then think about the members of your family who live there, with you, and especially for children.

Would you like everyone to be happy in your home? So imagine that she is swimming in the light. And when you open your window, remember to greet the sky, the sun, the trees and all living creatures. Give them a wave saying to them, “I give you my love, I want to be in harmony with you. So you will start the day with an essential act: bond with the sources of life and feel that all the space around you is filled with friendly presences. In response to your salvation they will send energies to you for this day that is beginning. To greet is to open yourself up, and by opening yourself you receive life.
It is therefore every day that you must consciously reconnect with the world, with all the existences that inhabit the universe. Send a thought to human beings, even to those you may never meet, but especially to those you will meet near or far during the day: you will already feel an opening being made within you.'

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