Be in a conscious relationship with nature

Nature is a living and intelligent entity

Prosveta nature

'Do you want your existence to be rich and full? Accept the idea that nature is alive and intelligent and as we change our opinion on it, < strong>we are changing our destiny.

Nature is the body of God and this body is alive and intelligent. This is why we must be extremely attentive, respectful towards him and approach him with a sacred feeling. Looking at the stones, plants, animals, stars as cells of this living and intelligent body, it is also in us that we introduce life and intelligence.

Also don't just passively gaze at nature while admiring its beauties.

Tell yourself that by your thought, by your love you can do a job with her so that she opens up to you.
You are approaching a river, a lake , forest, mountain, stop for a moment and wave your hand at them. Inside you will feel something balancing, harmonizing... And many obscurities, heaviness will leave you, simply because you have decided to greet living nature and the creatures that inhabit it. Touch only a stone with love: something in it accepts you and vibrates in unison with you, it loves you too. But yes, everything is alive in nature and it is up to you to know what to do so that it becomes a reality for you.

The day when you will know how to maintain a conscious relationship with creation, you will no longer feel alone or poor, for it is divine life that will come to fill you with its blessings.'

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