Breathing, a contact with universal life

Accompany the breathing with a work of thought

Prosveta breathe

'Like nutrition, breathing brings us into contact with universal life. But for this relationship to be complete, rich, we must be aware of it and accompany it with work of thought.

Eachinspiration is like a mouthful filled with energies news; we must therefore give the lungs time to capture them so that the whole body can benefit from them. If so many people are tired, nervous, irritable, it is because they do not know how to feed themselves with air: they reject it immediately without assimilating it. They breathe only from the top of the lungs, so stale air cannot be replaced by clean air...

Deep breathing is a very healthy exercise that must be done think about practicing, because it allows the renewal of energies.

Here is an exercise: while exhaling the air, think that you manage to extend yourself until touching the borders of the universe… Then, while inhaling, feel that you come back towards yourself, towards your ego which is like an imperceptible point, the center of an infinite circle. Again you dilate, again you come back to the center... You will thus discover this movement of ebb and flow which is the key to all the rhythms of the universe. By striving to make this movement of ebb and flow within yourself, you enter into cosmic harmony, and there is an exchange between the universe and you: by inhaling you receive elements of space, and as you breathe out you are projecting something back from your heart and soul.

Whoever knows how to harmonize with the cosmic breathing enters the divine consciousness.'

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