Communicate life through laughter

Laughter makes you bounce like a ball

Prosveta laughter

'Laughter is a way of communicating life. When you laugh, the energies you have accumulated within you overflow and you need to share something with others. Whenever you feel the life increasing within you, you feel the desire to meet your friends, to make new acquaintances, because you have something to give: the surplus of life which is in you asks to be dumped somewhere, and laughter between friends is often the manifestation of this need to communicate life. Whereas if the tanks are empty, you don't want to laugh, you have nothing to give.

Laughing, we give life, but we receive it also. Observe yourself when you laugh: you feel that life is entering you through the belly region. This relationship between the belly and life is interesting: the word jivot which in Russian means "belly", means "life" in Bulgarian. Life comes from the belly and through laughter we intensify life which then spreads throughout the body: the lungs, the heart work better. And even the brain: this relaxation caused by laughter gives flexibility to the brain, it has a beneficial effect on thought activity, even memory improves.Laughter allows you to bounce like a ball. There are things that are not laughing at first, but it's easier to endure them if you've gotten used to seeing the comedic side of certain situations instead of taking them too seriously.

So never deprive yourself of this powerful means of laughter to maintain your inner balance, to make existence lighter. Just because you have reasons to be upset, sad, discouraged, doesn't mean you have to accept to stay in this state.'

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