Develop the aura and its colors

The aura is our spiritual skin

Prosveta aura

'Everything that exists, humans, animals, plants, and even stones, emits particles, produces emanations, and this fluid, subtle atmosphere which surrounds everything is precisely what is called the aura.

Obviously, it is not visible, except by clairvoyants, and many people do not even know that it is 'she exists. The aura is therefore this kind of halo that surrounds each human being, with the difference that, in some, it is wide, vast, luminous, powerful, it has intense vibrations and splendid colors, while in others, on the contrary, it is small, dull, muddled and ugly.

We can compare the aura to the skin because it has many functions: protection, exchange and sensitivity.
To develop your aura, you can work in two ways. By thought, by imagination, you seek to attract to yourself the purest, most beautiful colors, and surround yourself with those colors. But in reality this will be a little fictitious effort, the results of which will not last long, if you do not at the same time try to practice the virtues to which these colors correspond.

Indeed, when by concentrating on the colors we manage to make them alive in us, they become supports for the practice of the virtues of which they are the expression: the violet: the sacrifice, the indigo: the strength, the blue: truth and faith, the green: hope, the yellow: wisdom, the orange: holiness, red: love.

As long as you practice these virtues, the colors will always appear more beautiful and more intense.'

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