Exercises to strengthen the nervous system

Never accept inertia

Prosveta exercises

'The idea of gymnastics is too much associated with the maintenance of the physical body, its flexibility, the development of muscles, etc., whereas to be in good health and have energy, it is also the nervous system that needs to be supported, strengthened, stimulated.

An athlete can have the most powerful muscles, if his nervous system is weakened, exhausted, he will not even lift a bottle of water.

With our gymnastic exercises, it is therefore first the nervous system that we are trying to strengthen, since even the muscular capacities depend on it. And what is it that strengthens and nourishes the nervous system? The conscience, the faith, the ardor with which one sets out to work.
If you strive to perform each movement with the conviction that you are doing something good, beautiful, it is all your day after that will be favorably influenced: you will have introduced into you a harmony which will also be reflected in your behavior towards towards those around you...
And never use fatigue as an excuse to do without the exercises recommended by our Teaching.

That you are tired at times, that's understood; but this old tiredness that you carry around, you can only get rid of it by going to watch the sunrise, by doing breathing and gymnastic exercises... Some would say that it is just another fatigue. Maybe, but it's that beneficial fatigue that will rid you of the other. Whoever remains in his old fatigue maintains it. This is why one should never accept inertia.'

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