Meditation: diving into the ocean of cosmic life

Facing eternity and embracing the universe

Meditation: diving into the ocean of cosmic life

'The work of thought requires vigilance at all times.'

'How is meditation an activity different from many other mental activities?

This is most noticeable when you have difficulty concentrating. These difficulties almost always come from the fact that we have not yet fully understood that, in the psychic plane in particular, no moment exists in isolation, each one is linked to those who precede it.

It is therefore throughout the day that you must be attentive to what you are experiencing, so that when you want to enter into yourself to reflect, dark, dissonant elements do not disturb you.

So watch out: since each moment of life is linked to those before it, the work of thinking, more than any other work, requires constant vigilance.'

What is meditation

'Meditation is more than reflection. It is to dwell on a subject, on a quality, on a virtue, on something that you lack, that you want to develop. This is meditation...'

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