The benefits of prayer

Transform our inner state

Prosveta prayer

'People for whom praying is a natural, spontaneous reaction, are better equipped than others to face suffering and unhappiness. Thanks to this ability to tear themselves away from the darkness and heaviness of the earth to address the celestial powers, internally they feel less bitterness and discouragement.

The one who prays, which calls upon the powers of the mind, internally transforms its state; and even if, externally, the events are the same for all, where all around him allow themselves to be overwhelmed, he himself receives the help of the light. So, thanks to this help he can also support and encourage others.

However, when you pray, it happens that you feel that it is useless, you remain in a vacuum. I will give you a very simple, but very effective method. When it comes to praying, start by creating the image of a multitude of spirits scattered around the world and who, where they are, are focusing on the Creator, bonding to Him by thought, by their love.Imagine joining with these beings to pray with them… Since you seek Heaven with thousands of fervent beings, your voice will no longer be isolated in the desert of life: you will feel that your prayer is heard because of this large number of beings who seek to be heard, and you will benefit too. It is because you are praying alone that you feel that your prayer is not reaching its goal.

The secret is to bond with all who pray, because at all times, somewhere in the world, there are people praying.'

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